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~Lady Jasmine Sofia Layandra~

Jasmine, a.k.a Jas, is a slender built woman of 5'5". Her curly blondish hair is usally pulled back in a hair clip with some small tender ringlets framin' her olive colored face. But, when let down tis' a mane of curls, wild and tameless, like it's owner. ::winx:: She has large mystifyin' emerald eyes that block out many who wish to see the past of this young lookin' girls life. Her lips are full and pouty, like most RhyDin womens are. She wears a small satin strap 'round her neck with a silvr hearted locket. The locked gives her *power*. Though Jasmine is known not to meddle in magic for her alergic reaction to ALL magic. She can not use magic, of any sorts, or have it used on her. She parades 'round RhyDin clad in a soft silky peral colored shirt, that has a slit runnin' from the bottom seam up to just below her breasts. If you look closely, you will see a small silvr heart on her left hip. Tight midnight black pants wrap her waist yet, blossom out over her black boots. Tucked hidden away in the ankle of her boot in a small dagger, *Casson*, on the blade it reads....¤×¤Xanthippe¤×¤. Her features are that of a human but, what can looks tell you? She is half vampyre, past down by her mother...for whom she gets her gentle heart and kindness from. The other half of her is elven...past down from her father..with whom she gets her wicked and temptress ways from. She wears a "serpent's eye" pin on her shirt.

For those of you who can't stand to know a person and not know thier past..::smirks::I'll give you alittle insight on Jasmine's. She was born and raised in LyNia by her father. Her mother left LyNia after she was born. She knows nothin' of her mother, accept stories her father told her. Her father,Sir Erik Layandra...a well mannered and yet, rough man raised her to be who she has become. though sometimes she hates who she is. She came to RhyDin followin' a friend...

She buys her time, roamin' RhyDin and ::grumbles::workin'. She is a Division Commander in the AoDF-Apparition of Dark Fury.

Jasmine enjoys many things. ::winx::Bein' a smartarse to others is quite fun. Although, tis' not always pleasin' words that she says.

This many people have seen my page... times.

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